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Thermoisulierende Softshell Jacke
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Thermoisulierende Softshell Jacke
Artikel-Nr.: B13796
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  • New Generation
  • Softshell - Technik Wool mit Membrane
  • Wassersäule 8.000 mm
  • Atmungsaktivität 10.000 g/m²/24h
  • Geringes Gewicht
  • Attraktive Strickoptik
  • Superweiches Fleece an der Innenseite
  • Extrem Abriebfeste und robuste CORDURA Verstärkungen
  • Vier Zipptaschen
  • Zwei Innentaschen
  • Kinnschoner
  • Zwei-Wege Zipp
  • Anti Pilling Ausrüstung
  • Wärmeschutz über den Handrücken
  • Oberstoff: 52% Polyester, 36% Wolle, 10% Polyamid, 2% Polyacryl
  • CORDURA Aufdopplungen: 100% Polyamid
  • Größen 46 - 60
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New Generation Softshell - Technik Wool mit Membrane Wassersäule 8.000 mm... mehr
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Kundenbewertungen für "BUFFALO 2"

Most versatile jacket I have ever owned

I have owned the Buffalo 2 jacket for 18 months, during this time I have used it extensively in spring, autumn and winter conditions. This is an excellent piece of outerwear because it is just so versatile, I call it my “80 % jacket” because it is suitable for nearly all conditions.

I live in the south of the UK and conditions here are very changeable almost from one day to the next, but rarely extreme. The idea of a ‘winter jacket’ does not really mean the same as continental conditions because we do not have long, extended periods of the same weather; in the space of just 2 weeks in winter here we can experience cold, dry days, mild & damp days, windy conditions, and days where it will rain hard for hours. So you can understand that I could either buy 4 or 5 different jackets to fit each of these conditions, or it would be much better if I could have just one that is suitable across whatever the weather presents to me. The Buffalo 2 is the nearest thing I have found yet to matching this need.

Because this jacket is a durable wool blend, the material naturally helps to regulate temperature. If conditions are too warm, or I have been exerting myself on a steep climb up a hillside, then I can undo the front zip and also the four smaller zipper pockets can be undone to help quickly vent out heat. If conditions are colder, I wear a merino layer underneath and zip up the high-closing collar that protects the neck area very well. The Buffalo 2 also has a membrane layer that acts as a wind shield and also protects against some rain, no this would not be suitable for very wet conditions where it rains hard, but the other good thing about this jacket is that it is quite fitted in style and so it is easy to slip an outer rain jacket over the top when required, and not feel too bulky. When trekking or hiking I take a pack with a rain jacket rolled up and so it is easy to respond to a change of weather.

The Buffalo 2 is clearly a quality item and very well made. It is obvious that high-grade materials have been used in the construction. It is manufactured in Europe. It has a number of thoughtful touches, such as tough Cordura patches on the high-wear areas such as elbows and shoulders (because I carry a pack the shoulder patches are very good to prevent wear on the jacket) and a longer fit covering the hands and at the back to prevent the jacket riding up. On a purely visual level, the Buffalo 2 is a deep, pine green colour that is very good to look at.

Overall, the Buffalo 2 is just an excellent, high-quality garment that really shines in almost all conditions, it is so versatile and that is why it is my “80 % jacket” that I would wear out when trekking in almost any weather. When combined with a merino base layer and a rain jacket in the pack to put over the top if it rains hard, this jacket really could allow me to to deal with just about any conditions.

I hope and expect that this Buffalo 2 jacket will last for years but I have to say that I am so pleased with how it performs, that I have now bought a second one to fold up and put away for the future should I ever need to replace it.

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